We are One Tribe

Tribe Spirit is about connecting with fellow artists, be it for recordings, videos or other projects.

Creativity is a connecting power and a source of energy beyond our wildest dreams. It is the fuel for innovation and for creating something meaningful to share with the world.

When we put our heart and soul into a project and artists come together to share their talents and passions, we are tapping into this energy collectively and wondrous creations are born.


Music Video Collaboration with Walküren Dance II

The second video collaboration with from this amazing dance group for the song “Unforget”
Walküren Dance scenes performed by: Luniah (Mariangélica Jayaro), Eli (Eliskar Gómez) and Rams Mehndi (Ramsés Gómez). Thanks for your beautiful art, you awesome souls!


Music Video Collaboration with Walküren Dance I

We met on the web and loved each other’s work. These amazing tribal fusion dancers are from Venezuela, so it was unlikely, that we could be performing together any time soon. Instead, they sent over some of their beautiful video footage for the music video “Lady Troll – Herr Mannelig” (Dancer footage filmed by Simon Kebe). Thanks, ladies- Tribe Spirit is looking forward to more projects with you!
Find them here on Facebook and Instagram. 


Music Video Production by André Callozzo Peo for the Song “The Morríghan”

André is a talented video artist who has, in the past, also created work for Feuerflut, a fire & flowarts group for which Selkie & Mike are also performing. Working with him to create this video was a wonderful and creative process, and also showed how much time and attention he devotes to his craft. It took careful planning sessions, location scouting, outfit making and three days of roaming the woodlands in various costumes – not to mention editing time until the video was done. Thanks André for this experience and the final creation.
Find more of Andrés work on his Facebook page.


Music Session with Daniel Rotfuchs

Between 2017 and 2019, percussion player and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Rotfuchs had joined Tribe Spirit as a live musician and many sessions took place in that time. One particular session song recording had so much flow in it, that we turned it into a video together: “Myths of the Ocean”


Music Video Collaboration with Aerial Silk Artist Carolin

Much like a fairy creature, she performs in her aerial silks, so it only seemed the right thing to do, to ask if she would be a guest in a music video. In the woodlands near our hometown, Carolin and Selkie spent a beautiful late summer day, filming this video by an amazing old tree.
Carolin currently has no webpage, but if you know where to look, perhaps you can find her in the woods, climbing and dancing in her silks like a little fae.