Music is a reflection of everything that has ever inspired the artist.

A walk through the majestic woodlands, a night underneath the endless stars, the first breath of winter in the trees, the ocean shore by the setting sun – earth provides the scenery and the stories are all around us. We ourselves are the stories that we are weaving.

Inspiration resides in all the wondrous aspects of our beautiful home planet and in the meaningful encounters that we have with each other. Over the ages, humans have been telling tales and myths about all the amazing phenomena of our world. Some stories have survived through time and constantly new ones are born.

The music of Tribe Spirit is connected to these stories and they flow through the songs and words.

Many different musical instruments and sounds are part of the songwriting processes. Some are present in their physical form, others are digital, amazing tools of our current era. From world percussion instruments and shaman drums to the Celtic harp and whistles, from hammered dulcimer to the hang drum, guitar and bouzouki, from ambient soundscapes to the elements of composition in the digital age – all of these make up the ever evolving sound of Tribe Spirit.