Otherworld Paths

The second  Tribe Spirit Album “Otherworld Paths” was produced by Selkie Anderson in 2020.

The 9 songs are dedicated to the worlds within, each song a part of the journey. Find it on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and other digital stores.

Featured Album Artists & Guests Voices:
Mike Modulacja : Beats, Atmospheres & Vocals in “Reconnect”
– Stéfan Steyn: Guitar in “Sacred Grove”
– Rhuodwolf: Backing/Tribe Vocals in “The Calling” & “Reconnect”
Carolin Kram, Steve Löwe, Tara Jay & Zanne:  Tribe Vocals in “Reconnect”


1. The Calling – This Is Where It Begins
2. On Wings Of Vision
3. Sacred Grove (Featuring Stéfan Steyn)
4. Into The Earth
5. Follow The Rhythm
6. Shadow Dance
7. Unforget
8. Reconnect (Featuring Mike Modulacja)
9. One


Spirits, Tales and Fire

The first Tribe Spirit album “Spirits, Tales and Fire” was released in 2017.

It is a collection of songs, that Selkie Anderson had written or interpreted over the years on her many instruments. In the spirit of the tribe, friends and fellow artists contributed to this album as backup voices.

You can purchase the digital album on Amazon, Apple Music Bandcamp and many other platforms – you can also stream it on Spotify, Deezer etc.


1. Intro
2. Alt wie die Erde
3. Old Ashes – New Flames
4. We Are One Tribe
5. The Morríghan
6. Fading To Stardust
7. Neverending Tale
8. Onward Journey
9. Nymphalis Io
10. Aus dem Feuer
11. Beltane
12. Lady Troll – Herr Mannelig
13. Butterfly
14. Away with the Leanan Sídhe