Tribe Spirit is a mystical folk music project, inspired by nature, tales and mythologies from different cultures. The current fixed members are Selkie Anderson and Daniel Rotfuchs. For the story of Tribe Spirit, see below

Band Members

Selkie Anderson

Instruments: Vocals, Lyrics, Harp, Hang, Whistles, Guitar (…and more)

Singer and lyric weaver, harp fairy, flow seeker and woodland wanderer.Β Creator of the project Tribe Spirit.





Daniel Rotfuchs

Instruments: Various Percussive Instruments, Space Drum, Vocals, Futujara (…and many more)

Multi-instrumentalist, percussion player, creative soul who inspired and helped taking the project to the next level.




Music from the Otherworld – the Story behind Tribe Spirit

Tribe Spirit was started in late 2016 as a solo project of Selkie Anderson. A deep love for nature, stories and unusual instruments were the sparks that inspired the concept, as well as the songs. In June 2017, the first CD “Spirits, Tales and Fire” was released, featuring her many different instruments like the harp, the hang, the guitar and the frame drum.

The name Tribe Sprit was chosen, as it was clear, that she would not be continuing this project all by herself, but wanted to connect to other artists through this creative work. The idea was to look for collaboration partners to create beautiful work and also emphasize on the connection which takes place between artist and audience during concerts and sessions. Everyone who has contributed to this project is a part of the Tribe, be it artist, roadie, supportive friend or listener – willing to enter the flow of the music. This is all happening for you and because of you.

In August 2017, a fellow multi instrumentalist, Daniel Rotfuchs, joined a Tribe Spirit concert as a support musician. (And support was needed, as there are only so many instruments, which you can play at once, when you are on stage all by yourself πŸ˜‰ )
Shortly after the concert, it was clear, that Daniel would join the project as a steady band member.Β  The first practice sessions together had produced a magical flow of inspiration and ideas, which later lead to the work on a second mystical album (currently in progress).

In the spirit of connecting the Tribe, collaborations with other artists and friends are an important aspect of Tribe Spirit: bringing on friends as background singers for the first album, or working together with other amazing artists for music video collaborations. For a more about ourΒ  collaborative projects seeΒ Spirit .